About GlenTek, Inc.

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Along with the technological advancements in computer hardware and sofware, as well as CNC motion control systems, comes the ability to automate equipment for increased production and precision. However, due to the great expense involved in years past, this ability was available only to large corporations. Not anymore…

Our Goal

We at GlenTek are working hard to bring the cost of automation within the reach of everyone, from small home-based businesses to large corporations.

We began realizing that goal when we developed our line of WartHog CNC´┐Ż Routers. These fast, reliable, and affordable CNC machines are taking the world of CNC routing by storm.


Over the years, we have been drawing experience from a wide variety of industries. We’re giving you the opportunity to beneft from that experience. Here are some of our credentials…

15 yrs combined experience in the sign industry
20 yrs experience in pattern and mold-making industry
Knowledge from the sign, machining, metalsmithing and woodworking industries helps us provide you with machinery that gets the job done right the first time.
Our years of experience in the computer industry make our customers confident, not only in the hassle-free use of our products, but also in the quality and reliability of our technical support.
We’re bringing all this experience together to bring you the highest quality machinery and products possible, at a price you can afford.